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certified to ISO 9001 and 14001


PowerGrip is a new type of clamp fixture that makes screw connectors a thing of the past.Power-Grip makes tent erection simple.When extending the poles, a light squeeze of the clamp is all you need and the tube is locked in place. This tried-and-trusted system can replace your existing old tube clamps.

  • No deformation of the tubing

  • Clamp mechanism without galvanised steel parts

  • Optically effective

  • Can be fitted retrospectively

The Power-Grip is available for tube dimensions:

  • Ø 32 mm / Ø 28 mm

  • Ø 28 mm / Ø 25 mm

  • Ø 25 mm / Ø 22 mm

  • Ø 22 mm / Ø 19 mm

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